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1. Library

I want to start developing bada and would like to get some help on how to begin.
bada provides many documentation such as tutorials, developer guides and references. Go to bada Developers > Library for more. For tips, lectures and such go to Articles. Also, you can get a step by step overview under the bada Developers > Support > Beginning with bada menu.
Where can I find bada developer resources?
bada Developer Site has excellent resources for bada developers to use. These resources are organized in conjectured steps of the application development process which you can follow through or use them randomly as neccessary. The Developer Site offers developers with simple guides, detailed explanations on bada Server APIs, and sample codes. You can use the search engin located at the top right corner to search on any subjects you might want to find on this site.

- Library
Library and Ariticles hold Technical Documentation that bada developers can utilize.
Library provides the Version History per each version of the SDK and its corresponding API Reference, Supported Device Feature, etc. These set of documents can be referenced without having to log in.

- Articles
Articles provide developer tips in various categories for bada developers and is updated periodically. Categories include DevTips, Lecture, and Books. These resources will be accumulated with power developers' know-how and will be continually updated. The articles are also categorized by developer's level of skills and content type(video, sample code, text, etc.)

- Developer Forum
The Developer Forum is open to any developer who wish to discuss or inquire issues on technical problems, policies, documents, etc. This is a great place for you to get advice or ideas from other developers in the bada community. You may find solutions to problems that other developers might have also experienced and shared through this forum.

2. Dev Tools

Where can I download the latest SDK?
To download bada SDK go to bada Developers > Dev Tools > SDK Downloads

What are the system requirements for installing the SDK?

Microsoft Windows® XP, Windows® Vista or Windows® 7 operating system.
At least 1.4 GB of RAM memory.
At least 1.8 GB of free disk space.
Local administrator rights.
The bada Simulator screen size is 480 * 800. If the screen resolution of your computer monitor is under 800, the Simulator does not show normally for applications that use OpenGL®.
What kind of external solutions providers are there for bada?
For a list of external solution providers for bada, go to bada Developers > Dev Tools > External Solution Providers

3. My Applications

What kind of services does the Developer Site provide for developing applications using the bada server?
There are 9 Components provided from the bada server : Analysis / Advertisement / Commerce / Collaboration / Context / Content / Device / Location / Billing
The Manifest Wizard helps developers to easily setup these components in their application. The wizard process includes bada API version setup, Privileged API Group mapping per API version, compatible Device(Wave, Wave II, etc.) Feature Set mapping and all these results are saved in the Manifest.xml file. During SDK packaging, the server verifies whether or not the Manifiest.xml file is the same as the one that the developer downloaded from the Developer Site. The developer must make sure that the latest version of the Manifest.xml file is packaged.
hat is an Application ID?
Application ID issued at the Developer site is a unique value made up of 10 characters of letters and numbers that is used as a verification key at bada Server and bada Device. Once the Application ID has been issued it cannot be modified or deleted but one Application ID can include several versions. Meaning, even if the version is upgraded, the Application ID value remains the same. This Application ID is eventually used as a unique product ID at the Seller Site.
How do I start making applications?
First download and install the SDK/IDE to start developing your application. At any time in your development, make sure to get an application ID and a manifest file for your application so that you may register your application to the Seller Office. To generate an application ID go to bada Developers > My Applications > Application Manager and click [Generate a Application] button. Once the application ID is generated, proceed to execute the manifest wizard to create a manifest file. You can then download the created manifest file to include it in the binary file you are building.
How can I change my application settings?
Under the menu bada Developers > My Applications > Application Manager you will find a list of your existing applications. Click on the name of the application you wish to modify, then the version. On the details page, click [Modify] button.
Where can I download the manifest file?
Go to bada Developers > My Applications > Application Manager. From the list of your current applications, select the application you wish to download the manifest file for, then select the version. On the details page click on Download manifest.xml file.
When do I need the manifest file?
Before registrating your application package to the Seller Office, you must first download its manifest.xml file from bada Developers > My Applications and include it in the application package. (When making the zip file through Project > "Make package" in the IDE, you are prompted to select the manifest file. At this time select the downloaded manifest.xml file)
How do I upgrade my application version?
"Select the application you wish to upgrade the version of from your list of applications at bada Developers > My Applications.
On the application details page click [Add version] button, input all necessary details including the version number and click [Generate] button.
Continue on to make the 'manifest.xml' file of the new version using the Wizard tool.
And then you can download manifest.xml file from that page."
How do I setup my components?
Go to bada Developers > My Applications > Application Manager. From the list of your current applications, select the application you wish to setup components for, then the version. On the details page click on Setup Components.
What are the meanings of the status of applications : In Development, On Sale, End of sale
"The status of your application shows in what state your application is in the application life cycle.
In Development : Your application profile is generated.
On Sale : Your application is on sale.
End of Sale : Your application sale has ended"
How can I delete an application?
There is no option to delete your application for now. But this function will soon be added in the near future.
What if I want to use an application name that is already in use?
Your application name must be unique within your own application list. Duplication with other developers are allowed. But note that this application name is not synchronized with the Seller Office meaning you must do a duplication check at the Seller Office and if your application name you are using at the Developer Site is taken by another seller at Seller Office you cannot use that application name.
How come I can't access some of the privileged APIs?
Certain privileged APIs are open only to partner level members. In order to access all privileged APIs you must first become a partner level member.

4. Support

I have found a bug while using bada and would like to report it.
Go to bada Developers > Support > Bug Reporting and register a New Issue for your bug.
What is Premium Support Service and how do I use it?
This service is a service open to Partner level members only where you can get priority feedbacks from any questions you may have. If you are a partner level member and would like to use this service click on Request Now button under PSS Open Request under the bada Developers > Support menu.

5. Events

What events are open for bada?
See the latest events that are going on for bada under the bada Developers > Events.
What is Developer Day and how can I participate?
Developer Days are being held around the globe for bada Developers. You will be introduced to bada and will be provided with many resources and information on bada. To see when the next bada Developer Day is held near you, go to bada Developers > Events > bada Developer Day.

6. Membership

Is the bada Developer Site membership free?
Yes, the bada Developer Site membership is free and the Resources and SDK download is open for anyone to see. But for SDK download, you need to sign up as a member at the Developer Site.
Where can I register?
Click on Register on the top right corner of the page. You must use a valid email as your Email ID. Fill in the form and save. It requires only your email, name, password, sex, and birthdate. You will receive a verification email. Go to your email account and follow the verification link from the email. If you do not see a verification email, check your spam mail box
I did not receive a verification email. What should I do?
Please check your spam mailbox or junk folder of our email account. Your ISP(Internet Service Provider) may be blocking out some of the emails. Also check if you are looking in the same email account as your Developer Site email ID. There are cases where some mistype the email domain. For example, @gmail.com and @gmail.net are different email accounts. Also, the email address should never start with "www".
Email verification link is not working. How do I verifiy my Email ID?
Try logging in with the Email ID that you used to sign up. If it does not work, go back to your email account and copy the URL(web link) in the body of the verification email. Launch a browser and paste that URL to the address box.
The email ID that I want to use to sign up has been rejected during member registration.
The Email ID for bada Developer Site must conform to the following standards. The whole email address must be used. Abbreviations are not allowed. The ID must be formed of only one language. ID cannot include title, symbols, numbers, abnormal combination of upper and lower case letters, and punctuation marks. Note that only one bada Developer Site membership is allowed per Email ID. Free email accounts are available at various websites(Ex. Yahoo!, Gmail)
It says that my Email ID is incorrect.
"Commonly used prefixes (Ex.Admin@, webmaster@, etc.) may not be used. These email IDs are reserved for uses by organizations and business and so is not allowed for personal use by individuals. Please use an Email ID that does not include such type of prefixes.
Aslo, specific Email accounts(@daum.net, @hanmail.net) are regarded as spam and may not receive the Email verification email so we recommend you use other email accounts."
The letters in the box(CAPTCHA Code) does not show.
This is highly likely related to the internet browser you are using. Upgrade your browser or try deleting all cache and cookies.
How can I make a password with high strength?
When setting your password, use 6 to 12 characters in legnth with a combination of letters and numbers. You may stregnthen your password by including a combination of upper and lower case letters. It is recommended that you use a password that is easy for you to remember but difficult for others to presume. To be more secure, use a password for bada Developer Site that is different from all the other passwords you use at other sites.
I forgot my password. How can I retrieve my password?
On the login page click on the Forgot your password? link. Enter your email ID, first name, and last name. A temporary password will be sent to your email account. Don't forget to change your password back to your personal password.

7. Application Sales

What is Seller Office?
Seller Office is a site where developers can register and manage their applications so that their applications can be published at the Samsung Apps store. DS members can become a Seller Office member by submitting a few additional information.
How do I sell my application?
In order to sell your application you must first register your application at the Seller Office. At the Seller Office, you are required to undergo a certification screening. Once your application passes the certification screening your application will be ready for sales.
Can I use the same application name at the Seller Office as the one I am using now at Developer Site?
The application name at Developer Site is not in synchronization with the Seller Office. You must undergo a separate name duplication check at the Seller Office. Even though you may be using a certain application name at Developer Site, it may not be used at the Seller Office if it is already in use.
My application has been rejected at the Seller Office. What should I do?
"If your application has been rejected while it is not yet on sale, you can get your application re-examined without upgrading your version. But if you application is in sales status and has been rejected, you must first upgrade the application version before requesting for re-examination. For more detailed information refer to the bada Application Registration Guide at the Seller Office.
Also, it is important that if you wish to revise and resubmit your application for the re-examination, DO NOT DELETE the application from the Seller Office application list. Go to Seller Office > Applications > Approval Status, select the [view] button of the rejected application from the list of your applications. Check the reason of rejection and re-register. To update your application version, you must do so at the Developer site. Go to bada Developers > My Application and update your application version. For version upgrade method refer to the FAQ above on ""How do I upgrade my application version?"
I deleted my application at the Seller Office but I want to revise it.
Once your application has been deleted from the Seller Office, you can not make any changes or revive it. Deletion of the application from the Seller Office application list will restrict you from registering that same application again to the Seller Office.
What are the limits for image size, capacity, and quantity?
"The icon image size for the Samsung Apps product list page and the product's detailed description page is 135x135 pixels. You may only register 1 image. The image capicity is under 500KB.
The application screenshot image size is 800x480 or 480x800 pixels. You may register it as either horizontal(Landscape) or verticle(Portrait) layout. You may register up to 4 images if their capicities are under 500KB. All image formats should be in either gif or jpg format. "
Can I replace an App with a different version of the file at the Seller Office?
"Click the application's name in Seller Office > Applications > Sales Status to view its detailed information. Click the 'Edit Application' button to modify the application file. At the fourth, Upload step, you can update the App version available for sale, and change its file name.
Note that even if you want to revise your application, you do not need to update its version if the binary file has no changes. For more detailed information refer to the bada Application Registration Guide at the Seller Office. "
What is standard for the Seller Office approval procedure?
"Application approval consists of 4 steps as follows : Pre-test, Device test, Content Review and Confirmation.
Please refer to the followings for the policy of each approval step.

1. Pre-test
All Apps sold in Samsung Apps go through the pre-test procedure. This step is to pre-examine the information that a seller enters.

2. Device Test
This step is to test if the application is running without errors on those devices selected by the seller.

3. Content Review
This step is to check if the application is acceptable, or in violation of the law, and/or the Samsung's sales policy. When the Game category is selected, approval is handled based on the rating set by sellers in reference to the established age restrictions. Provided that an age restriction document is issued by an external organization, the rating will be approved as long as the relevant documents are submitted.

4. Confirmation
This is the final step to verify applications. "

8. Others

How can I upgrade my firmware?
You can upgrade your firmware by connecting your phone to Kies.
How to install an application to phone?
Connect your device to your PC and execute the following menu : Run > Debug as > bada Target application or Run > Run as > bada Target application.