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Beginning with bada

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Once your application development is complete the next step is to publish your application at Samsung Apps, the bada application store for everyone to enjoy. The following explains what happens when you register your application at the Seller Office and some important tips.

Go to Seller Office
To publish your application, go to Seller Office and register.
Add your application. For a detailed application registration guide, refer to the bada Application Registration Guide. You can find the guide at the Seller Office main page.
Seller Office Seller Office Seller Office
Register Application
Next, your application undergoes certification. Your application registration for publishing is completed once it is approved. If your application is rejected before it is available for on sale, you can have your application re-examined without upgrading its version. Also, if you wish to make a binary update on an application which is currently on sale, you must also update your application version. However, this does not apply if you update only other information, binary excluded. For more detailed information refer to the Application Registration Guide at the Seller Office. Also, it is important that if you wish to revise and resubmit your application for re-examination, DO NOT DELETE the application from the Seller Office application list. Go to Seller Office > Applications > Approval Status, and click the [View] button for the rejected application in your list of your applications. Check the reason for rejection and re-register.
Register Application