Samsung Account

The Samsung account is a user account that provides access to the bada Server for using services related to, for example, social, location, and commerce functionalities. It is also used to access the bada developer site and Samsung Apps Seller Office. When a bada application performs a sign-in process and uses the user profile in the bada Server, it requires a Samsung account.

Accessing the bada Server using the Samsung account is available for C++ and flash applications only.

The Samsung account has two identifiers:

User Authentication

To use bada services and, especially, to handle the user's private information, user authentication is required. User authentication is handled by the single sign-on (SSO) mechanism, and it includes the following processes:

You can implement user authentication in your application using the sign-in AppControl. Before you terminate the application, clean up the authentication sessions by signing out from the bada Server. The sign-in AppControl provides functionality for both signing in and signing out.

Privacy Policy

When a user signs up to the bada Server, the user's personal data is created. Initially, the personal data is closed to all other users. This means that the data is completely private, and other users can neither view nor search it.

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