Samsung bada Developer Day at MWC2011

The bada mobile platform was introduced during Mobile World Congress 2010.
Now, almost one year later, you will have the unique opportunity to see
the new bada mobile platform, bada 2.0, and enjoy the blue ocean that bada has created.
We are inviting developers from Europe and overseas who have supported bada so much!

Date: Tuesday 15th February (09:00~17:00)
Venue: Hall 7, Fira de Barcelona



Invitee IF you are selected, you will be invited to apply for a free pass (EVP) in MWC2011.
Invitee will be notified by e-mail and bada developer site,
and invitee will have to register their code received at the MWC site.
All travel expenses will be the sole responsibility of the invitee.
Benefit The pass provides you with access from February 14-17.
- Mobile World Congress Exhibition
- App Planet
- GSMA seminars
- Samsung bada Developer Day at MWC2011
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