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Porting guide for other mobile platform developers

By bada Master | 12069 views | Jan 02, 2012

This page is for you who has applications on other mobile platforms and want to port your application or move to the new platform – bada.

It is usually hard for other platform developers to learn a new platform and make application for that platform. They may need to learn new programming language, install new development tools, and study new APIs to replace the existing APIs. To address these, we have prepared some articles to help such developers who might feel discomfort.

If you are looking for some reference documents to port your applications which are sold on Apple App Store or Android Market, I recommend you to refer following articles.

iOS Developers
Android Developers
Qt Developers

If you are an other platform developer and want to know about bada, feel free to refer comparison blogs. These blogs contains the in-depth comparison about development environment, concepts and programming language of each smartphone platform.

iOS Developers
Android Developers
Symbian Developers
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