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Commerce : Making Money with bada

By bada Master | 11931 views | Dec 28, 2011

In this video we introduce two ways of making money from your bada apps: In-app purchasing and advertising.

With In app purchasing, you can let your users buy extra products and services from within your app. You could offer extra levels within a game,  additional services from a business app or even let users unlock new features as they need them.

Advertising is set up through Samsung ad hub. The ad hub lets you target ads based on a user’s age, gender or location - whatever works best for your app. The more effective your ads, the more revenue you can potentially generate.

We show you how easy it is to implement In-App purchasing and advertising in your apps and start generating extra revenue. The important namespaces and classes are covered in detail.

We take a practical approach and walk you through sample code and introduce our Katmandoo sample. See how we add, In-App purchasing and advertising features in Katmandoo and learn how to add these features to your own app.

Look out for a blog post containing the sample code used in the video.

We hope this video helps to make your app a commercial success.

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