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bada 2.0 beta version in Early Access

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Samsung is happy to announce the release of bada SDK 2.0.0b1 for closed beta program participants. Samsung bada 2.0 is a new and improved version and a major milestone in realizing the vision of a ‘Smartphone for Everyone’.
If you are a participant in the bada SDK 2.0.0b1 closed beta program, follow the links below to access the bada SDK 2.0.0b1 download and development guide documentation for new bada 2.0 features.
* Samsung bada SDK 2.0.0b1 for closed beta program registration has ended. Further additional openings for the program will be posted through email or our newsletter. So if you've missed out this time, we hope to have your participation next time!

  • Download for bada SDK 2.0.0b1

    The bada SDK installer downloads the selected platform binary files and installs them automatically.
    If you have installed the SDK before and are now upgrading to a new version, first uninstall the previous version.

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  • Articles for bada 2.0 Features

    Visit the Private Notes page to get first hand exclusive information on bada 2.0 in articles, tips, lectures and other notices including documents, such as release notes. This is a closed board where access is limited to closed beta program participants only.

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Feel free to use bada Developer’s Bug Reporting to report bugs. We welcome you go write to us about any suggestions and comments as well.

Your voice is our treasure – bada is always open to developers.

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