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Beginning with the Developer Site

The bada Developers has everything you need to get started developing applications for Samsung mobile devices. The following describes what you need to do to get started quickly and productively and get your application to market.


Become a bada Developers Member

Register as a member to use the services of Samsung bada Developers Top

There are 2 membership levels in bada Developers, Basic or Partner. Once registered as a member, your initial membership level will be set to Basic. To become a Partner level member, a separate request must be made.
Register member

View Technical Documentation


The Tutorials provide a high-level overview of bada along with practical information and tips to help you get started quickly and productively.   more

Developer GuideTop

In the Developer Guide, you can learn the details on the bada architecture, development environment, and other things to speed up your time to market.   more

Application UI GuideTop

The application UI guide provides guidance to help you make appropriate design choices. In this document you also learn how to follow those principles.   more

API ReferenceTop

The API reference provides descriptions for all bada namespaces, classes, and methods.   more

Download Development Tools

Getting StartedTop

The Development Tools section of the site provides downloads for bada SDK and IDE to set up your development environment. Before actually starting to develop the functionality in your mobile application, you need to make some initial preparations and define basic information for the application. You have to register your application profile and define the basic information under the My Applications menu. For more information, see Defining the Basic Information for Your Application.  more


Download the SDK and IDE with complete documentation, tools, and code examples.   more

Manage and Operate Your Applications

My Application Manager lets you to manage the life-cycle of your mobile application with 5 steps as shown below.

Step1. Generate your application profile Top

Before starting to develop your application, you need initial preparation, such as filling in basic information and setting system requirements. You can get your unique application ID and manifest.xml file at this step.

Step2. Request certification for your applicationTop

When your application is ready to be deployed, it needs to be packaged and uploaded to bada Developers for certification.

Step3. Register your application at the Samsung Apps Seller Office Top

To sell your application, you need to register your application at the Samsung Apps Seller Office. Sales start once it has been approved.

Step4. Start your application salesTop

You earn profit in proportion to the number of applications sold.

Step5. End your application salesTop

Bring your application to the end of its life-cycle and retire it. Sales stop at this stage.

Discuss and Get Answers from Developers

The Samsung bada support team wants to make it easy for you to get in touch with people who can help you. You can ask questions and get answers, toss around ideas and give Samsung feedback on what can be done to better service your needs as you develop applications for bada.

Frequently Asked Questions Top

Before contacting the bada support team, check through the service items and when you cannot find the answers there, use the Forum.   more


This forum lets participants get and give help about developing bada applications and contents, with guidance and feedback coming from fellow developers and forum experts.   more

Bug ReportTop

Report any bugs you encounter while using bada Developers or developing bada applications. You can check the progress of each question by looking at the Status.   more

Discover Business Opportunities in the Samsung Apps Seller Office

The Samsung Apps has a variety of applications that run on Samsung mobile devices. You can submit your application for possible inclusion in the store; this is an excellent opportunity to get your application into the hands of real users.
Go to the Samsung Apps Seller Office